Touching Cards to pass on... when you have

Choose from a wide variety of elegant, distinctive designs and messages

Help them leave behind their final good-bye

Let "A Touch from Beyond" cards give you yet another way to bring peace, comfort and relief to those you love, and consolation and healing to those they are leaving behind.

Comfort and heal...

A Touch from Beyond card is a final expression of caring to be shared with family, friends, caregivers, coworkers and anyone who has made your life better or more meaningful. A Touch from Beyond card gives voice to feelings of love, joy and gratitude, and offers words of encouragement to the bereaved to help lessen the sense of loss.

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A new genre of cards give you another way to serve with compassion.

"You were kind when it counted, strong when I was weak, generous and thoughtful when I wasn’t at my peak.

I don’t know what I did to have a friend so true, but always and forever I wish the best for you."

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