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“So many people have enhanced my life- some may not realize the impact they’ve made. When I found ‘A Touch from Beyond cards’, I appreciated the opportunity to leave a heartfelt message to many, and to console the ones dearest to me.”

Always- There are always words spoken in regret, words not spoken in gratitude or love, guilt for time not spent, acts not committed, gestures not made or extended. There are also the untold acts of kindness and care, gestures of concern, moments of dedication. Our shared lives were comprehensive and fulfilling and you gave more than I ever requested or required. Thank you for all you did, always. (Radiant Red, and white embossed)

Angels- We are all angels, but now I have wings. We dance in the clouds and everyone sings. So don’t be unhappy, I’m always above to strengthen and guide you and give you my love. (Imperial Purple, and white embossed)

Because- Because of you I’ve known love  Because of you I’ve lived happily  Because of you I was complete  Because of you I am at peace. (Organic Orange, and white embossed)

Brighter Thank you for all you did. You made my life brighter and I will always wish the best for you. (Grenadine Green, and White embossed)

Comfort- I want you to feel happy for the wonderful life we shared, and I only hope I brought as much joy to your life as you brought to mine. Take comfort from knowing there was never a moment I did not love you, and there never will be. (Tomorrow Teal, and white embossed)

Gratitude- You did all you could to ease my way and I will always appreciate what you did for me. (Grenadine Green, and white embossed)

Inspiration– Throughout the years your words have guided me. I was stronger for having known you. Thank you for being such an inspiration. (Valdimir Blue, and white embossed)

Joy-  Although I’m gone my love remains with you, my spirit stays by you to remind you to relish the tastes, savor the smells, embrace the touches, hear the music, treasure your pleasures, so when the time comes you can look back and say you enjoyed your life every day. (Tomorrow Teal, and white embossed)

My Life- My life was made better by having you in it. Because of you I have known love. I can only hope I brought as much joy to your life as you brought to mine. (Imperial Purple, and white embossed)

My Life {abbreviated}- My life was made better by having you in it. (Organic Orange, and white embossed)

Never- Never, not once will I ever forget you. Never, not once will I ever not love you.(Precious Pink, and white embossed)

Thanks- You meant a lot to me and I appreciated knowing you. (Gold, and white embossed)

Touch- This touch from beyond is a touch of love, a wish for luck and laughter. A touch from beyond to let you know I am with you ever after. (Vladimir Blue and white embossed)

Friends- What did I do to deserve a Friend like you? You were kind when it counted, strong when I was weak, generous and thoughtful when I wasn’t at my peak. I don’t know what I did to have a friend so true, but always and forever I wish the best for you. (Available in all eight distinctive colors and suitable to send at anytime)

A Touch from Beyond cards are also available blank inside.