Frequently Asked Questions


We have included some of the questions people may have about 'A Touch from Beyond' cards below. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

We appreciate you reaching out to ask any inquiries, as we always prefer open and direct communication and this will also help us update our website with the information that people require. Thank you.

What are A Touch from Beyond cards?

A Touch from Beyond cards are a keepsake gift to leave loved ones. You can choose pre-written sentiments or write your own with our blank cards. After your passing the cards will be given to your loved ones by a trustee you appoint. Our cards are designed to help comfort the bereaved, and express your love and gratitude to those who were meaningful to you.

Who should use these cards?

Our cards are often used by people who work with in service industries with the elderly and ill.

Additionally, our cards are used by those who are simply planning their estates, wills or end of life arrangements. This may include people who have dangerous professions such as first responders like fire fighters and police, as well as those in the Armed Forces.

Ultimately these cards are for everyone. We are all going to depart this world and don't necessarily know when or how. Leaving kind messages behind is truly for everyone and gratitude and love should be shared with family, friends, caregivers, coworkers- anyone who has made your life better or more meaningful.


How do I use the cards?

  1. Make a list of family, friends and other meaningful people who will be comforted by receiving a final message of love, joy, gratitude or inspiration from you.
  2. Address each envelope.
  3. Select and sign the cards with the messages you want to express, or write your own sentiments and sign.
  4. Leave your cards with a friend, a family member, a Personal Representative, Lawyer, Executor, Estate Planner, End of Life Doula, funeral home or - whoever will send the cards on your behalf.

* In some professions such as fire, police and soldiers the cards       may be stored in their personnel files

When are the cards delivered?

That's up to you. Our research suggests between two and six weeks after one's passing is a good amount of time to allow for the bereaved to process a loss. 

What instructions does a Trustee need?

Our only recommendation is that the recipients of the cards are not surprised when opening your cards. For this reason, we recommend that your chosen Trustee communicates to the recipients what the card contents are, so they can make the decision to open your message when they feel they are personally ready.

What are the shipping options?

We offer a number of different shipping options from UPS, USPS, and DHL. We usually ship within 1-3 business days but please allow up to 5 days for large or complex orders etc.

If you urgently need to receive an order, please contact Toni directly at

What if I can't write the cards myself?

It is best to express sentiments in the cards in your own words and handwriting. However, in some cases people may require assistance.  Our cards give you the choice of either expressing your own feelings through a blank card or let us help say it for you with a pre-written sentiment. People feel comforted by just knowing you thought enough of them that you wanted to send them a sentiment.

If you need assistance with transcription please ask a friend, family member, a health care service professional, a Personal Representative, Executor, Estate Planner, End-of-life Doula, funeral home - whoever will send the cards on your behalf.